Pharmacy ECDR Software UK

Also see features of the Read Only Access licence here.

Ecd-Reg (at the time of publishing this post) is compliant with all current law and regulations for ecdrs in the UK.


- Record both dispensed and received controlled drugs.
- Record destroyed stock and destroyed patient returns.
- View all entries in chronological order on the Combined Drugs Register
- Create as many new sections as required.
- Make unlimited number of entries per section.
- Simple 3 step method of making entries.
- Use keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to features
- Calculates current stock, incorrect stocks can be manually adjusted.
- Make multiple repeat entries, saving a lot of time.
- NEW Repeat Lists make daily repeating even easier.
- Backup and Restore features for all registers.
- Video Tutorials available for most features.
- Search registers using a variety of filters.
- Check for updates from the help menu.
- Help file included.
- Print off pages to keep as hard copies.
- Events log keeps a history of all actions and user names.
- Technical support available via email and phone (Subject to availability.)
- Create patient profiles storing patient details, photos, medication history (CD's) and notes.
- Create, Edit, Save And Import Prescriber/Supplier Lists to use in making entries.
- Built in Bug Reporting & Feedback Email features.

Once all your regular patients have been entered into the database repeating entries takes just a few seconds, saving valuable staff time and money.