ECD-REG started off as an experimental personal project however it has been continuously developed over the years and modified based on advice and suggestions from pharmacists, the Home Office and Beta testers. Being a pharmacy graduate myself I have worked in many pharmacies and worked with many PMR systems from DOS based to the latest ones. The program was designed to save time and money. The program was written and developed by myself with help from several colleagues. The program has been viewed by the Home Office and was advertised on the old RPSGB website. I am at the stage where I am able to offer the product for sale for use within retail/hospital pharmacy and provide after sales support and help via email and phone. I have had several offers of investment and partnerships in the last year however none of these have gone through. If anybody would be interested in investing or backing the product I would be interested to hear from you as there are many areas which can be vastly improved to provide better support, marketing and sales.

Below is a list of changes made over the last year:

v 7 (23/12/2023)

Bug fixes, major update, see release notes here.

v 6.5 (13/02/2018)
Bug fixes with the emailing related features like bug reporting.  Fixed bug with Function key shortcuts.  Added F9 keyboard shortcut to quickly record stock check of selected drug on main menu,  Bug with checking for updates with a temporary fix as the downloader had issues.

v 6+ (06/05/2017)
Added Stock Check feature and a new seperate log for viewing recorded stock checks.  Few bug fixes.

v 5.1 (16/03/2015)
Added the stock check feature and view stock checks feature. Stock check print feature added.

v 5 (14/03/2015)
Added RX Advisor logo. Updated links to extermal sites. Improved some event logging.

v 4
Printing section cover sheets bug fixed. Added the Read Only Access feature. Enabled ROA Licence activation.

v 3.6
Backup reminder bug fixed. Version not increasing after updating bug fixed. not able to select user account in “manage Users” list

v 3.51
Improved full screen support. Improved overall stability due to dll problems. Updated documents. Fixed search by date. Improved some GUI aspects.

v 3.5
Updated loader image. Updated bug reporting and emailing feature. Improved some GUI aspects. Updated the online licensing.

v 2.8
Main screen shows last accessed register
Fixed bug which prvented users enter their email address when bug reporting
Improved stability with Windows Vista & Windows 7.
Added Repeat Lists features
Added new Combined Drugs Register – Shows all entries in chronological order
Added video tutorials to the CD installer.

v 2.0
Major improvements/modifications to GUI.
Option to add upto 4 patient photos.
Improved patient profile screen.
Added Events Log.
Added support for recording destroyed stock and patient returns.
Improved program settings.
Improved bug reporting and emailing feature.
Added ‘View Documents’ feature.
Improved Backup Feature – Backup now saved to a single file.
Added Batch Feature to help storage of records and maintenance.

Can select multiple pages from entire register being viewed.
Improved user input dialogues.
Minimized user input required.
Confirmation step can be skipped.
Repeat multiple entries in a single click!
Customizable GUI.
Improved GUI.
Fixed bugs on patient profile screen

Improved Licence feature.

Dates can be set using in built calender. Improved interface for online registration and unlocking. Main interface buttons improved.

Beta Testing carried out on completed v1.71.

Major changes to the general user interface and main menu (section selection screen). Easier selection and register entry. Added Doctor and supplier lists. Patient Database added along with photo profiles and medication history.

Major changes made to the layout, interface and general features. Max entries now 20,000 and number of sections unlimited.

Windowed application which allowed for a maximum of 12 sections and 1000 entries. The very first version was modified after being tested.