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Core Features

Highly Versatile

Record dispensed, received stock, running balances and stock checks

For UK Pharmacies

Viewed by Home Office and Pharmacy Council UK.  Meets all legal requirements.

Patient Profiles

Keep details and photos of addicts.  Handy if you use locums.

With an ecdr a 1 hour task becomes a 1 minute one!
Cheapest ECDR on the market


Hassle free low cost annual fee.  No other monthly or hidden costs gauranteed.


You can pay for your annual subscription using Paypal or bank transfer.


We can assist in installation and troubleshooting remotely or over the phone (subject to terms and conditions).

What pharmacists are saying about ECD-REG

Used the software for several years with minimum disruptions


Have been using ecd-reg for over 3 years and it has proven to be a cost effective solution for our record keeping.

Mr Seedat

Found the ecdr very useful in practice


Online Video Tutorials
Pharmacy ECDR video tutorials

Received Stock Entries

Learn how to easily make records of controlled drugs received by your pharmacy.  Make easy repeat entries.  Confirmation dialog boxes help minimise mistakes.

Pharmacy ECDR video tutorials

Dispensed Drug Entries

Learn how to easily make records of controlled drugs dispensed to patients in your pharmacy. Make easy repeat entries. Create daily repeat lists for more time saving.

Pharmacy ECDR video tutorials

Backup and Restore

Learn how to easily make crucial backups of all your registers with a few clicks.  You can then store or restore from these as required.

Pharmacy ECDR video tutorials

Creating User Accounts

Create multiple user accounts, set default user and password protecion.  Know who has made records and changes easily.

Why Switch To Electronic?

Save Time

You are having to make a lot of controlled drug records across multiple paper based registers.  This is taking up an hour or more of work time and staff not free to do other work like serving customers or clinical work.

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Go Electronic

Like with all record keeping in pharmacy the benefits of electronic methods far outweigh paper based ones.  For example PMR.   It is good for any business including pharmacies to keep up with latest technology it not only gives you an advantage but also improves efficiency


More Streamlined

Law requires you to keep paper registers for many years.  By going electronic you can store many years of controlled drugs registers on one small flash drive or even on iCloud, Dropbox etc.. so needs little to no physical  storage space at all.

Since 2013

Dear Pharmacist...

ECD-REG is an electronic controlled drugs register used for the recording of dispensed and received controlled drugs.  It is a stand alone application that can be used in addition to and alongside your existing pharmacy PMR system.  It also provides running balances, auditing functions and patient profiles/history.

Electronic controlled drugs registers are legal and can be used within your practice
(see here for further details)

It will also comply with the new controlled drugs regulation as of February 1st 2008.
(see here for more details)


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