How using our ecdr will save you time and money

You are having to make a lot of controlled drug records across multiple paper based registers.  This is taking up an hour or more of work time and staff not free to do other work like serving customers or clinical work.

By using our ecdr and replacing you paper registers you will save alot of time.  With paper registers you have to make entries one by one.  This is very time consuming and tedious.  With ECD-REG you only have to make entries once.  After this you simply find and select an entry and press Repeat button.  The entry is auto filled with all the same details and you simply have to check and confirm.

If you have 50 methadone addicts collecting prescriptions every day to save even more time you can create a Repeat List.  On the first day make entries as normal.  The next day select all entries you want to repeat and press Repeat.  On the dialog now press Export button and save this as a Repeat List.  The next day all you have to do is press Repeat button and import the Repeat List.  This saves having to select each patient manually.

Sometimes you need find entries made in case of enquiries or errors.  Having an ecdr means easy auditing. You can easily find all entries for a specific patient without having to spends ages scouring through paper registers.

Using Lists you can save more time by creating lists of regular pharmacists, prescribers, suppliers and patients.  So when making entries you simply select them from the list.

If you compare what you are paying with cost of paper register it works out much cheaper bearing in mind the additional benefits you are getting.