Buy Electronic Controlled Drugs Register

The cost is only £20 per month paid via an annual subscription payment *

Click Buy Now below to purchase your first year's subscription, the price includes £10 admin fee for setting up your new licence details online.

You can pre-purchase multiple annual subscriptions to save money when there is a sale offer on!

Dont forget you can also buy Read Only Access licence for a one off payment see here for more details.

Over the year the software will more than pay for itself.

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(Please use the trial version for atleast two weeks before purchasing your licence to be sure it is compatible with your system.)

Payment Methods:

Payments can be made online using Paypal. Most credits cards are accepted. To pay by cheque or direct bank transfer call 07789264613 or email

Once your payment is cleared we will email/post to you your licence details within 7 days. Paypal is an established and secure online payments website, for more information visit

Once unlocked please follow all on screen information and make sure to click 'Register Online' from the Help menu, this will help to prevent your serial from being misused.

We advise that you keep a note of when you activate your licence key online and the relevant expiry date (at the time of writing this is 1 year). You should purchase a new licence key (if applicable) atleast 14 days before the expiry date to ensure you receive your licence key on time and that your account has been updated before expiry!

Using the program to make quick repeat entries will free up time for yourself and your staff. Time saved is money saved and over a year or more this amounts to a substantial amount. Making quick repeat entries can save you over £500 a month, depending on the number of patients.

Unlike other programs, ECD REG can be used to record ALL controlled drugs (which have record keeping requirements) not just methadone

* subject to change at any time without notification..