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ECD-REG is an electronic controlled drugs register used for the recording of dispensed and received controlled drugs. It is a stand alone application that can be used in addition to and alongside your existing pharmacy PMR system. It also provides running balances, auditing functions and patient profiles/history.

The software has been used in several pharmacies in the UK for many years.  We have worked with existing clients to continuously improve the software and fix bugs.
The software was shown to the UK Home Office we cannot state it has been approved by them but it does meet current law relating to the recordinf of controlled drugs.
Our aim is to free up time spent making records in paper registers so staff can spend more time with patients, customers and clinical tasks.
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Ecd-Reg Developement



Riaz Firfirey

Founder & CEO

Background in Pharmacy and Software Development

Development History

I developed the software many years ago based on my experience of making controlled drug entries in many pharmacies I had worked in.  Many times I found it took alot of time which meant having to sometimes work late and leaving other tasks for the next day.  The first prototype was shown to several pharmacists and based on their input and beta testing the new version was developed.

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