On this page you will read about the information and release notes for updates and bug fixes made in the new version 7 of the Ecd-Reg software

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New Features

  1. Added total entries count across all dispensed and received registers.
  2. Each drug section will now show the number of entries for dispensed and received registers.
  3. Added feature to cross reference current number of total entries on start with value at last shut down or update to minimise ecdr errors if using different Windows users or priviledges.
  4. Importing batches will add new drug sections not already in your database.
  5. Added a new dedicated updator for the ecdr
  6. Added support to restore from older version backups by updating drug database files
  7. Added ‘Goto Last Entry’ to the Search button on registers
  8. Feature to update older database files to v7 ones
  9. Register logfiles will be created in the Batch folder when you add a new drug
  10. Save Snapshot feature from the File Menu, allows you to save a quick snaphot of your ecdr to a txt file, useful for correcting any issues or for audit purposes

Updates & Bug Fixes

Version 7 updated UI for the main screen, showing entry counts and improved graphics
  1. Error notes made will have the current users initials added to them
  2. Licence history feature bug fixed
  3. Fixed bug with appending to existing error notes.
  4. Reactivation of issued licence feature updated show correct expiry date
  5. GUI updates to home screen
  6. Fixed bugs causing some input dialogs to crash
  7. Improved adding of new patients
  8. Fixed minor bugs on Manage Drugs window
  9. Fixed minor bugs on expired stock destruction logs which allowed entry of destroying 0 amount
  10. More actions are recorded in the Events log, such as ecdr launch and shutdown actions
  11. Events log now shows the most recent events at the top
  12. Events log now shows User as (INITIALS) – User Name
  13. Updated the register screen UI
  14. Optimized Startup to show less pop ups
  15. Fixed minor bug with adding help documents.
  16. Updated links to online help manual
  17. Updated to new server for all online features and licencing
  18. Fixed minor bugs with creating new Batches

Known Issues

  • If installed to C or Windows system drive, Ecd-Reg must be run as administrator otherwise it might not have the required priviledges to edit or save required files in the ECD-REG foler.

Futher Info

If you have version 6.5 or earlier follow these steps to update to v7 as we dont advise using the built in updator as it might not work due to being linked with older server:

  • Make a full ecdr backup
  • Download the latest v7+ ecdinstall.zip from our server
  • Unzip the file using Winzip or similar program, or Windows built in decompress features (Right click file and select unzip to…)
  • Read the notes text file then run the installer
  • Follow on screen instructions
  • Make sure to check the ecd reg .exe properties to make it is set to always run as Administrator
  • Now open ECD-REG
  • You should see it is version 7+ from the Help > About menu
  • You should now create a new user account (Edit Menu) if you need to
  • Now do a full restore from the recent backup you made.
  • You can check for new updates and download them in v7 from the Help menu in the ecdr.