Read Only Access Licence

ecdr read only access licence

Purchase Read Only Access (ROA) Licence Online:

One secure payment of just £499 *

Once purchased the licence will be valid for the life of the program.

(Please use the trial version for atleast two weeks before purchasing your licence to be sure it is compatible with your system.)

What is ROA Licence:

  1. View All Saved Register Logs
  2. Print Register Logs
  3. View Events Logs
  4. View Stock Check Logs
  5. Read only, so new entries can not be made

“(d) Arrangements should be made so that inspectors can examine computerised registers during a visit with minimum disruption to the dispensing process.” – Legal and Ethical Advisory Service Fact Sheet: One ,

Available from version 4 upwards only, the ROA licence allows users who have the program installed to view all registers, print off hard copies, export batches and logs, view list databases, check and download new updates and view patient databases. It basically activates all features except making entries, repeating entries, making error notes, creating new batches and adding or updating drug sections.

This enables users to install ECD REG on a seperate PC in a more discrete location to minimise disruption to the normal work practice.

Once you have received your licence details, enter them into the program by clicking the following:
‘Help’ menu -> ‘Manage Licences’ -> ‘ROA’.

Payment Methods:

Online Method: Payments can be made online using Paypal. Most credits cards are accepted. To pay by cheque or direct bank transfer call 07789264613 or email

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Once your payment is cleared we will email you your licence details within a maximum of 7 days. Paypal is an established and secure online payments website, for more information visit

* (subject to change at any time without notification)

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